Hello, and welcome to my non-blog.

This is a plain old website collecting together a substantial amount of static content. I take part in a number of online discussions: wikis, groups, even rarely comments on blog postings, I even have a blog of my own. All that activity is exploratory, interactive, in the moment, dynamic. After a while, though, some ideas settle down and can be reflected upon in repose-and captured as documents: expository, unidirectional, historical, static. This is the place for that material.

There won't be any daily updates here, nor will there be any place to append comments. I do welcome your feedback, however. Email me via "web-feedback at keithbraithwaite demon co uk" with the usual punctuation, or go to the blog.

As one of the earliest adopters of Extreme Programming in the UK I've been a frequent speaker and presenter on the subject around the UK and mainland Europe. The bulk of the material here has grown out of that activity: introductary material about XP from the earlier days; experience reports from successful applications of XP and Agile methods in domains ranging form "corporate IT" through to embedded systems; techniques for applying XP and Agile in both their native arena of in-house systems work but also on shrink-wrapped products and on in multi-site distributed teams.

A lot of this material tends towards soft skills and management techniques, but I also maintain an interest in the craft of programming at the finest grained level, particularly techniques for Object-Oriented and Functional programming, and this is reflected here too.